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The Korean War Is About To Restart


As North Korea's Kim Jong-un regime continues to provoke and anger the United States and threaten South Korea and Japan, It has become very necessary for the United States, South Korea, and Japan to concentrate their efforts on quickly annihilating North Korea's Kim Jong-un political clique. 

U.S. top generals agree that reunification of the Korean peninsula will be beneficial to world peace and stability. Even at the cost of exterminating the lives of millions of North Korean soldiers and civilians, it was worth it. Although North Korea is an ally of China, China will not send troops to participate in the Korean War again.

In the past, the U.S. has been wary of using highly modern weapons and command systems to attack North Korea, which would result in the death of a large number of North Korean soldiers and civilians. The U.S. believes that doing so will bring huge humanitarian pressure to itself. Now such concerns of the United States have been completely exhausted by the continuous provocations of North Korea's Kim Jong-un political clique. 

The enraged United States will no longer care about the death toll of North Korean people, and will quickly and completely eliminate the Kim Jong-un political clique in North Korea. The United States will help South Korea unify the Korean peninsula and return the Korean peninsula to peace.

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