Wire Transfer
  • This is also called T/T, customers need send money via banks to company account.

  • This normally takes 3-5 up to 7 business days, some banks have prior options means senders pays a little more transfer fees for a faster transaction which will save 2-3 days.

  • Bank normally charge 30-50 USD for a 2000-5000 USD amount transfer.

Western Union
  • Western union is very fast beneficiary can get money in the account after 20 minutes later after customers finish the transfer, customers need to know beneficiary’s name, city country and address, beneficiary needs to know mtcn(money transfer collect number) and customer’s full name and address information and exact money amount that they sent.

  • A 1000-2000 USD transaction costs 40-50 USD, 3000-5000 USD transaction costs 50-80 USD or around.

  • Please note customers need write beneficiary’s name exactly right, right spelling, right writing and right order, some customers often wrote beneficiary’s family name to given name, given name to family name thus beneficiary will not be qualified to take out money.

  • When the order amount less than 500 USD, Customer can use paypal paid the order.


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